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Top most Wall Panelling Ideas For Your Home in 2022

Interior decorations are reaching newer heights with time. Wall panelling has become a common choice of many property owners. Interior designers are finding these wall panels as an effective means to add style and texture to any standard room. 

In fact, these panels can be your tool to hide all imperfections on the walls. If you have plans to renovate the house or office and you are considering the installation of wall panels, then this blog is going to offer serious help. 

What are wall panels?

The standard wall panels are more like a layer of insulation between the room and the stone or cement wall. But today, the panels are way ahead of being an insulating medium. 

The wall panel manufacturers are creating jaw-dropping designs that will completely transform the appearance of the rooms. 

  • Wooden panels or the ones that comprise engineered wood are more durable. 
  • Acrylic panels are similar to the conventional stucco
  • 3D cut panels are offering larger wings to the creative thoughts of interior designers and property owners. 

These panels will not only improve the aesthetic of the space but will also prevent further wall damage. And the panels can effectively hide all the unsightly cables, not to forget the structural support available. 

Creative wall panelling ideas 

As you have already understood, these wall panels are going to change the external appearance of the rooms dramatically. Therefore, it’s necessary to come up with innovative thoughts and plans that will be appropriate to deck up the spaces in 2022. 

Black- the bold way

Regardless of whether you are renovating the meeting room of your office or the living room of your home, the combination of black and gold in the form of vertical panels can set the perfect background. 

You can add some gold accents on the black to make it more dramatic but elegant. It’s the simplest but smartest way to add the perfect spice to the ordinary room design.

Go for wooden panelling

The manufacturers will use solid and engineered wood or other wood-like products. The aim is to cut them and process them into large panels.

  • You have plenty of styles to apply for the wooden panels. 
  • Carvings and fenestration are possible. You can even apply complicated 3D designs too. 

As the panels will be more resilient, the structures will remain for a lifetime. 

MDF panelling

Now, this can be something new to most property owners. MDF is a product of the compression of wood shavings at an extremely high temperature. Such panels will offer a high level of stability at affordable prices. 

Stay chic with concrete

Some of you may shy away from the idea of using concrete indoors. The reason is simple. no one likes the unfinished and raw appearance of concrete. 

But what if the Decorative Wall Panel Manufacturers bring to you a raw but warm-looking panel where they have amalgamated concrete and other materials? 

The look will be raw and the rawness can actually become the trigger to an unprecedented styling of the space. 

Go vintage with bronze panels

Do you like to maintain an antique feel inside your office space? If you like that vibe, then metal panels like bronze structures can help you achieve the appearance straight- off. 

The installation of such panels is easy if you are relying on the best professionals. The smooth surface and old-school feel make the perfect ambience for your workplace. 

Laminate and veneer panelling

The use of particle board or wood veneer is now common for the panel manufacturing business. These can be a little expensive, but then, the sophisticated look that they will impart is beyond your imagination. 

It is ideal for formal settings like offices, clinics, and high-end dens. 

Going Horizontal

Is space constraint a problem that is affecting your ideas about wall panelling? then you can consider the composition of the wooden battens in horizontal form. Vertical panels impart an illusion of height and the horizontal panels make the rooms appear spacious. 

Make your choice

It now depends on you how creative you want to be with the wall panels. The top manufacturers and installers of the panels are much interested in experimenting with the nature of the product and the styling for the ultimate result.