Divya Impex

Divya Impex


Experience Unexpected beauty with Mother Earth’s Natural Stones


We love what we do 

Divya Impex is a old export house engaged in the processing & export of natural stones of all kinds. Based at Udaipur, in marble rich region of Aravalli Hills and one of the major market place of natural stones in the world, Divya Impex deals in :

  • Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Cut Sizes, Free Length Strips, Crazy Pieces, Chips, Pavers, Cobbles…..
  • Intricate Patterns of inlay, Table Tops, Sink and Kitchen Counter Tops, Fountains, Steps & Risers, and Furniture…..

We have been a trusted name for anything and everything in natural stones for a decade. And our satisfied clients all over the world are a testimony to our quality, commitment, and punctuality. Besides Natural Stones, We also export all types of Stone Handicrafts and Minerals ( such as Talc, Quartz, Calcite, Bentonite, Dolomite, and China Clay…..


Where your desires come true 

Porcelain slab

wall panels


veneer sheets



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Content That Impresses Aliens Too 

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