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What are the different types of Indian marble and their best uses?

When planning a home renovation or new home construction, you will always feel the temptation to use marble. It’s a luxurious natural stone that will continue to impress property owners.     

India has a rich resource of marble in the state of Rajasthan. Its time to know more about Indian marble and its uses at a glance: 

1. White marble

The elegant appearance of the white marble makes it a popular option for homeowners. It makes the space appear more spacious. The Indian varieties include 

  • Morwad white marble
  • Banswara white marble
  • Opal white marble
  • White sangemarmar marble 
and many others. You can use white marble for flooring, countertops, bathroom, walls, and tabletops. But the sealing should be proper if you do intend to use the marble for the kitchen counterto.

2. Yellow marble

Name the incredible varieties like Ita gold marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, rainforest gold, antique rainforest marble, and goldio marble- and all of these belong to the category of yellow marble.

  • It’s the best option when you want to maintain the traditional appearance of the space.
  • Yellow marble serves as a great option for flooring, especially as an accent.
  • The marble serves equally well for the wall-cladding bathroom floors, and the countertops.

And it is cheaper than white marble.

3. Beige marble

The beige colour adds a much more innovative appearance to the space. Katni beige marble and the perlato beige marble are variations of this colour of marble.

  • The most common use of the above marble is in the bathroom flooring.
  • However, these serve as a good flooring option for the other rooms too.
  • Many manufacturers are making wall tiles of these marble.

  This type is cheaper than yellow marble. 

4. Brown marble

The brown colour looks exquisite when available in marble. The most popular variants available in the market include fantasy brown marble, red forest brown marble, and more.

  • Brown marble is undeniably the popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • These marbles can make good table countertops.
  • Maintenance is easy in comparison to the efforts that you have to put into cleaning the light-coloured countertops.

It is the cheapest among the types discussed till now.

5. Green marble

You cannot held back your temptation to invest in the new marble when you will see the sheer beauty in green. The top marble manufacturers in India will offer some incredible colour variations like .

  • Rain forest green
  • Crocodile green
  • Royal green
  • Forest green

every manufacturer will try to create a new shade of colour that will make yoru home or office look splendid.

Why don’t you take a look at the green colour of the marbles that can serve really well for particular spaces? The popular varieties of green available with the marble supplier India include.

  • Rain forest green
  • Crocodile green
  • Royal green
  • Forest green
  • Imperial green
  • Spider Green.

The price is affordable for commercial as well as residential properties. The elegance of the marble is unparalleled. Yet, due to the dark colour, it serves best for bathroom and kitchen countertops, outdoor lobbies, staircases, and other common areas of apartment buildings.

6. Pink marble

Vibrance and elegance combined in the right ratio- that’s the perfect description for the pink marbles. The different types of pink marble include Onyx pink, classic pink, Udaipur pink, maharani pink, and kai pink forms.

Each of the shades is unique and creates a different appearance.

  • The marble serves as the ideal option for countertops and bathroom tiles.
  • You can also install pink marble as the flooring material for the bedroom, lobbies, corridors, and bathrooms.

But you should also keep in mind that the pink shade is going to bring a lot of colours to the rooms. So be careful about the style you choose to make sure you get the right appearance of the residential or commercial property indoors. The marble is available at a very low cost, which makes it all the more preferred option.

7. Black marble

The Indian black Marquina marble or the Nadi black marble are the perfect pieces to adorn the residential space. Be it the bathroom, kitchen countertops and tabletops, these can enhance the beauty.

Choose the right type of marble to add more aesthetic value to your abode.