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Blocks, Slabs and Tiles


Indian Sandstone


a mix of purplish colors


Honed Brushed, Sandblasted Tumbled


30 X 30 , Custom


Rajasthan , India


Interiors & Exteriors


Raveena Sandstone looks like a plain choice of stone, but the beauty of Raveena is subtlety. There are hints of purple running throughout the stone, and whilst not always evident individually, hopefully, the gallery images can show that you get a beautiful purple glow from the entire patio area once the job is complete. Raveena is perfect if you are looking for subtlety, but are still looking to get that injection of color.

Sandstone is an excellent all-around choice. The stone is a sedimentary stone, which consists of small grains which are held together by a silicon ‘natural cement’. It’s this ‘cement’ that gives the sandstone wide-ranging variations in color and texture. Silicon is a very tough substance, which is why sandstone is so hard-wearing and worthy of investment.


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